Saturday, January 25, 2020

EZ-RIDER - Front Calipers Disassembly

The Calipers From HELL Finally Surrender!

After three years of being abandoned in the bush and who knows how many years of neglect beforehand, the front calipers finally surrendered to disassembly!

When it came to these calipers, everything that could have been rusty was rusty.  If it was supposed to slide, it was seized.  If it was subject to rot, then it was rotted.    Everything that could have possibly been perished was perished.  In short, they were a complete and total mess!  

After hours of puzzling over how to get them apart, they have finally come apart, but not without some concerns:

- ALL of the rubber parts that composed these calipers were perished
- Everything that could have possibly rusted was totally rusted.
- Everything that was supposed to move was stuck fast.

The three hardest parts of the disassembly were:

1) Initially getting the mounting arm off of the caliper body
2) Getting the hangar pin cover out
3) Getting the pistons out

In all three cases, damage to the calipers was very possible - and in the case of the pistons it may be the case that they are damaged beyond the point of re-use.  My intention is to sand them down and make them smooth again with #600 and #1000 grit sandpaper, so we shall see how that goes in a future video

But for now, enjoy the video of how I got the front calipers apart, which was a triumph in and of itself.

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