About My Man the Maker

My husband is an extremely resourceful person.  He loves fixing and creating things.  Being with him for over 20 years now, I have seen him fix and create many different things.  Some of his projects are very interesting.  Many of his projects are very technical.

Regarding this blog, because I want to have a log of the things he does; what he creates and fixes for himself and others over the next "many" years to come, I created this blog for him.  He has agreed to log his stories here and share his projects with me and with you.

I hope you find his posts fun.  Please feel free to share your comments and stories with us.


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  1. I very much enjoyed your piece around the Robosapien v2, bad wiring, Chinese subcontracting, etc, I drafted comments on that page that may have been lost, or may yet be posted; if lost, I will stop back here to re-create my comments. The information, impressions and anecdotes you there provided are very worthwhile.