Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Robosapien V2 - Increasing Capabilities

Robosapien V2 - Increasing Capabilities

April 09 2013

Musings About Expanding the Capabilities of the Robosapien V2:

The Robosapien V2 is a pretty efficiently designed unit.  There's not a lot of volume of empty space inside the body panels that mount to the inner workings of the robot.  Aside from a (tiny) amount of volume in the belly and the back, there's pretty much nowhere to tuck anything away in the upgrade department.

Adding features to the Robosapien V2 therefore implies adding volume to the unit in the form of "additional accessories".  Considering that this is a HIGHLY mobile robot than can bend both "front to back" and "side to side" as well as "twist" and "shake" it's probably a smart idea not to mess around too much with the geometry and center of gravity of the thing or it'll end up in a situation where the motors are going to get burned by being asked to shift too much mass.

My own particular expansion strategy involves two volume increases to the Robosapien V2.

1) A Backpack for the relatively light additional logic circuitry

2) Some Platform Shoes for the relatively heavy additional battery circuitry.

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