Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Candy Range Hood LED Ugrade!

Bamboo House is a very strange place.  There were all kinds of inexplicable problems when we moved in, especially with respect to the appliances in the kitchen.  

For example the Range Hood, which is a high-quality brand (CANDY), had been installed, but the user manual had never been taken out of the assembly!  Who knows how many years of service the fan underwent with a massive air blockage, but it was significant.  The manual(s) were wrapped in plastic, which was covered in stale cooking oil.  Once we removed the plastic covers, the manuals were in perfect condition.  WEIRD.

The other thing that seemed strange was the light.  It was yellow and very weak.  I mean *really* weak.  So, once I had figured out how to open and service the filters (which had never, ever been cleaned and which required a steel brush and turpentine to get even close to clean), the next step was to understand why the light was so dim.

As it turned out,. the light was dim because there was an ancient light bulb in there, and the frosted glass cover was coated with old, stale cooking oil!  Once again, I had to break out the steel brush and turpentine, as well as steel wool!

Even stranger, the CANDY Range Hood was configured to take TWO light bulbs, even though it only had one installed.  So I ordered a couple of replacement LED bulbs (9W) and this video shows what happens when you put pair of high-intensity white bulbs in where a single low-intensity yellow filament bulb had been before...

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