Monday, January 6, 2020


So, What Do I REALLY Think of My SPY HAT?

I've had a little while now to try out my SPY HAT, and I think it has great potential.

It seems to me that having a SPY HAT gives a person a fantastic ability to capture unscripted and candid footage of everyday life and its many strange encounters.  I look forward to chronicling some of the stranger moments in my life as a Maker with mine, and sharing those moments with others.

It's not all perfection though.  The SPY HAT I bought has many limitations, and I began to encounter them almost immediately.

1) The interface (three momentary switched integrated into the bill) isn't the most intuitive

2) The battery time is limited, at about 40 minutes

3) The file naming mechanism is really clumsy

4) The overall build quality of my SPY HAT is really low, and I fear for its durability

So, all in all, I find the idea of a SPY HAT really powerful and evocative, but the reality of my particular example of a SPY HAT a little on the disappointing side.

I think just a few small tweaks and changes, some of them costing nothing, would have made my SPY HAT a much more intuitive, useful and durable unit.

It left me wondering if I, armed with my experience with this SPY HAT and knowledge of how to make things (and how to get things made in China), couldn't make a much better SPY HAT than the one I ended up reviewing here:

Help a Maker Out?

Did you see anything in this video you want for yourself?  If the answer is yes, consider using one of the link(s) below to buy it directly from  If you do, I will get a small, but very encouraging commission that keeps me going!

Bill of Materials

RecorderGear HC100 HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Hat/Surveillance Body Worn Camera/Professional Grade

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