Tuesday, December 24, 2019

EZ Rider Oil & Filter Change!

Finally, I was able to change the oil and filter on EZ-RIDER, the 1997 Honda Magna VT250CR I am rescuing. After some painstaking preparation and sourcing of relatively difficult to find parts, I was able to get the oil and filter changed, but not without some challenges! First, the bike was so dirty it was crazy to even attempt the oil & filter change without giving it a comprehensive cleaning, which took quite a lot of time to do with just a scrub brush and some water. Next I had to get the drain plug out, which proved to be IMPOSSIBLE with the dinky little 3/8 socket set that I bought. Good thing I had my accidental MONSTER TORQUE WRENCH at hand to act as a breaker bar! It opened the drain plug easily! I let the oil drain out overnight. With the oil no longer dripping out, the next couple of challenges were to (a) get the oil filter cover off, and (b) get the oil filter out. Getting the cover off was pretty easy with the help of the MONSTER TORQUE WRENCH, and the oil filter came out with it. But then...cleaning...and more cleaning. One of the biggest challenges with the EZ-RIDER project is years of accumulation of dirt and rust. There's just a LOT of it! It's at least HALF of the work! Happily, oil & filter change project was completed in a few days with only ONE significant boo-boo, which you will need to watch the video to see! Believe me...it's worth watching and waiting for!

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