Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas Came A Week Early! I Got A TaoBao Hoard!

Christmas a week early! Watch as I open a bunch of mystery packages from TaoBao, our local version of eBay and Amazon rolled into one! Every package is labeled in Chinese, so I have absolutely no clue what is inside - so each box is an absolute delight to open! I have been carefully selecting these parts for weeks now, and finally put in the order for them...and waited...and waited...and waited - and then they arrived! Ordering from China is always a bit of a gamble. You never know whether or not the picture was correct, the description was correct - or anything else EXCEPT THE PRICE. That, they never get wrong! But sometimes you don't get what you ordered, but rather what they had to give you. Case in point. In this video I receive a set of bearings - but what I really ordered was a speedometer fitting for my front forks! OK - they are about the same price, but that's the ONLY resemblance between the two things - nothing else is even close to being the same! That aside, I got a bunch of things I know I will need to complete the EZ-RIDER project - cables, handles, an air filter...and so much more! All in all, I had a great time opening all of the packages and inspecting what came. I am already compiling my next order!

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