Friday, December 27, 2019

Amazon Unboxing (2019-11-26)

In one of my first Amazon unboxings, we look at the BONDHUS Hex Keys that I bought as response to destroying TWO cheap-o hex keys from sets that I had previously bought at a discount store, along with a digital tire pressure gauge to help us quickly and accurately check our tires.

The BONDHUS Hex Keys are American made and come with a lifetime warranty.  Bondhus claims that they are made from top-quality steel, and, given the difficulty I am having removing the handlebar riser bolts of EZ-RIDER, I felt that purchasing a top-quality tool was now needed. So, I looked on google and found a couple of lists of TOP 10 Hex Key Sets (where Bondhus ranked as high as #2) and then went and found a set on that was both comprehensive (Metric and Imperial included) and affordable.

To get our order over USD50, and thereby qualify for free shipping, we needed to find an inexpensive item for under USD10.00 that would be generally useful in our lives now and into the future.  Considering how many flat tires we have had in just the past year, I thought that the digital tire gauge pressure meter I found fit the bill perfectly, and it even came with BATTERIES INCLUDED! 

Do you see anything in this video that you would like to get for yourself?  If you do, please use one of the link(s) listed below to buy it from Amazon, and I will get a small commission.  This encourages me and helps to support my career as a YouTube creator.

Bondhus 22199 Hex L-wrench Double PK, Long Length
12137 .050-3/8" & 12199 1.5-10mm

EXELAIR by Milton (EX99900) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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