Sunday, October 20, 2019

Drupal 7 / Ubercart 7 - Unlimited catalog listing [Taxonomy Listing]

Drupal core 7.67 / Ubercart 7.x-3.13 

In our website, we want when a user clicks on a "catalog" they get the entire list of products within that category.  Unfortunately, the default theme we used was introducing pageination at 10 items, not what we wanted:

What was tricky wasn't removing pageination, it was finding the correct View to alter, because the URL wasn't leading to anywhere all that meaningful in the Administration area:

Fortunately, we have been here before, and it took a little clue on the page to lead us to where we needed to go:

Apparently, we need to be messing around with something to do with the Drupal 7 Taxonomy, not any place named Catalog!

So, off to the Views area we go, to look for a view related to Taxonomy.

Lo and behold, there is one:

And it has a pageination set at 10.  

Setting that value to Zero removes pageination, so let's give that a try:

Click on Apply:

Click on Save:

Now the "Catalog" no longer pageinates:

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