Sunday, January 12, 2020

WOW!! **LED** for Halogen! (Outlander Running Lights Upgrade)

Mitsubishi Outlander **LED** Daytime Running Lights

When we noticed one day that our right front daytime running light had burned out, Mrs. Maker and I decided to experiment with an LED replacement bulb.

Over the last few years, we've noticed that the vehicles in Hong Kong have been sporting increasingly bright lights, and we were curious to see how hard it would be to give our 2006 AWD Mitsubishi Outlander a bit of an inexpensive LED upgrade.

The first challenge was to figure out the bulb typewhich we determined from taking a close-up photograph of the old bulb, which revealed that it was a 12v W5W type bulb.  

Cross-referencing this information with the Mitsubishi Outlander Owners Manual (we were lucky enough to receive one from the previous owner), we determined that there were six W5W light bulbs in the vehicle:

Running Lights:

1) Left front running light

2) Right front running light

Side Turn Signal:

3) Left side turn signal

4) Right side turn signal

License Plate:

5) Left license plate light

6) Right license plate light

Enter Amazon

Once I knew what type of bulb to get, it was then an easy task to go to, select the type of LED replacement for a W5W I wanted and order them.  I ended up getting a set of 10 W5W LED replacements so I could have a couple of spare units, just in case.

Once the order arrived, it was a matter of less than an hour to get the new LED replacement bulbs into service, and the following video records the event.


Help a Maker Out?

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Bill of Materials

10PCS AutoLite Super Bright 194 T10 2825 Led Bulb, Interior Car Light Bulbs 168 W5W, Xenon White 6000K with CANBUS Error Free, Best for License Plate Light Led Dome Light Map Truck Door Courtesy Light

Trident Silicone Grease Jar

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