Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mystery Beach TREASURE!!! What is this THING???

Beachcombing For Fun & Profit

You never know what the sea will bring.  

The other day, while walking the dogs on the beach, Mrs. Maker and I came across a couple of interesting bottles and an orange-colored mystery device.  It looked to me like some kind of specialized flashlight, but that was only because of its general shape.

The device was completely waterlogged, with what I supposed was the lens having this hideous-looking black water sloshing around in it.  This looked WRONG to me, because the device seemed obviously intended for some kind of oceanic situation or task.  Water penetration is usually that last thing you want when it come to anything ocean-going.

So, it seemed to me that the challenge(s) with respect to this device were twofold:

1) Get it working

2) Figure out what it was originally intended for

All of the parts seemed to be there.  It just appeared to me that the device hadn't been closed properly, almost like it had been put on a surface somewhere, and then it had rolled off into the ocean, unnoticed.

After its time in the ocean, the device was really dirty, so I figured it would be the perfect subject for a rescue & refurb video!

The lens area was especially dirty and hideous-looking:

Here's what I had to deal with:

1) Every metal part inside the device appeared to be rusty.

2) The battery (a big, old-fashioned, 1.5v "D" type) was totally shot.

3) All of the plastic parts were encrusted with sand and various types of sea life.

After an afternoon of scrubbing and TLC, the device was working again...and it turned out to look pretty nice!

Here's a video of the transformation....enjoy!

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