Thursday, October 17, 2019

Drupal 7 / Ubercart 7 - Enabling Credit Card Encryption Directory

Drupal core 7.67 / Ubercart 7.x-3.13

Running cron got me this error all the time:

Looking at the Credit card settings overview interface, I noted the following:

Clicking on Security settings, I observed that the credit card settings were not yet configured:

One special aspect of credit card settings in Drupal 7 / Ubercart X.x is that, to be more secure, it requires a directory outside of the main Drupal filesystem be used to store credit card information:

So, I created a directory named "ccard" at the same filesyste level as the Drupal 7 installation, which puts it alongside (but not within) the Drupal 7 filesystem:

#mkdir ccard

I then changed the ownership of the directory to the web server user and group (apache:apache) so the web server process had basic file access to the directory:

#chown apache:apache ccard

I then instructed SELINUX to allow the web server process to both read and write (rw_content) to the ccard directory:

#chcon -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t ccard

I then supplied the full path to the directory to Drupal and clicked on Save configuration.

Here's the result:

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