Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Enabling Ubercart Catalog Access to Anonymous and Authenticated Users on Drupal

While working on the newest iteration of our eCommerce website for people who want to use a holistic approach to their pet care (, I discovered that Ubercart 3 on Drupal 7 didn't automatically display for Anonymous and Authenticated users.  The default behavior is that Administrator can only see the catalog.  

This is somewhat frustrating, seeing as the purpose of a catalog is primarily to sell things to customers who are either friends (authenticated) or strangers (anonymous). 

Unfortunately, these are the very roles that come disabled in Ubercart "out of the box".

I understand that this is probably a developer-centric attempt to help keep things "under wraps" while developing the catalog, but figuring out how to get the catalog activated once it is ready is something of a chore, and some of the documentation I came across with respect to accomplishing that task was a bit "lean" and unhelpful, to say the least.

I probably did this for the original iteration of our website, but that was six years ago and memory fades.  After some rooting around on the Internet and the Drupal interface, here's how I managed to do it.  I hope this documentation saves you some time.

1.  Navigate to the MODULES management area of Drupal 7

2.  Find the Catalog module and click on its Permissions link:

3.  Enable Anonymous and Authenticated users to see the Catalog

4.  Click on Save

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